Its time to grow Castle Bridge has been performing since 1995. The mission of
Castle Bridge is to introduce the world of puppets with a sprinkle of education.
Castle bridge has developed Activity workbooks to be used in and out of the
classroom for each production. And has conducted workshops throughout NY State
and beyond.
Dobbinshire is a 13 episode television series that takes place in the kitchen of
Castle Dobbin. The characters face challenges of everyday life at the castle which
become resolved by a traveler. Highlighting a
Castle Bridge production, this
individual guides the characters to an understanding of their world. On an
educational level each character also represents a facet of academic curricula;  i.e.,
The Cook, Gertie, must know weights and measures-a math discipline. The
entertainment and educational value of Dobbinshire will appeal to everyone, as
wonder and excitment can be found in all age groups.

Our goal has always been and continues to be, to entertain children,
leaving them with a thirst for knowledge.
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