Courtyard Series
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Castle Bridge Players is a member of
Puppeteers of America, Inc
Puppetry Guild of Upstate New York
Union Internationale de la Marionette
Sir George and the Dragon
A king, a princess, a blacksmith and
other villagers are terrified of a
monstrous Dragon. Venture forth with
George as he battles the Dragon to set all
Travel to the Far East to see how a
unique songbird befriends a King and
saves him from the perils of a world
without song.
A Baker's Dozen
Dutch holiday folklore and the spirit of
giving warm hearts old and new in this
delicious treat with ingredients from
Albany, New York.
Courtyard productions require
a 8' wide by 8' deep by 8' high playing space
and two standard electrical outlets
audience size of 50-100 per performance
Castle Adventures and the Courtyard Companions are special bookets designed to accompany our
Great Hall and Courtyard productions. These booklets have been designed as an activity book and
learning tool to be used in or out of the classroom
Frost Patterns
Stories by Jack Frost
Jack paints the delightful tales of: How Jack
became Jack, Gift of the Magi,The Lost Angel,  
One Tin Soldier, The Little Matchgirl and A Visit
from St Nicholas
Farside of the Moat
The Magic Room
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