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Farside of the Moat
This page will contain photos of the new residence at Castle Bridge in the making.
or how the Moonhorses came to be.
is on the table literally. Its story is based on Japanese folklore
Little known facts:
-Each marionette is individually hand crafted, sculpted and costumed specifically for a production.
-One marionette takes three to four weeks from concept to completion.
-Our marionettes have wooden feet
-Castle Bridge Marionettes have a heart.
-Each marionette has an average of thriteen strings and twenty five eye screws.
-The distance between the puppeteer and the puppet, for a
Great Hall production, is approximately nine feet.
-The average amount of string used per production is one quarter mile.
-Productions are researched for their history, presentation, and educational value.
- Our tallest parade puppet to date is eighteen feet tall (worked form the bottom, of course).
Depending on the production, you might see shadow, hand, rod, bunraku, or string puppets at the Castle.
-The creation of new scripts, ideas, or properties are always welcome.
Interested in becoming part of the Castle?
Moonbeam Tokuro's horse
Tokuro in clay
is ready to be cast
Heads and hands cast in neoprene await sanding and bodies
In ancient Japan,
a peasant farmer and his wife concerned with honoring their ancestors receive a blessing from the Moon
Building of pagoda and moon
A concept rendering of the performance space for this courtyard production.
January 2005 A new Premiere and a another Website !!!!
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The Making of a Puppet TV Series
Filming a scene for the Pilot TV Series
Pilot premieres On Time Warner Cable Public Access - Channel 18 in Albany NY
July 12th at 7:00pm and
July 13th At 7:30pm
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